The invitation to the Danish Parliament

During a protest at Copenhagen Fashion Week August 2019 the founder and front figure of the brand, Kim Felecia, received an invitation to the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg.

Kim Felecia was wearing her latest creations, a black face mask and a signature dress with the remarkable statement, Fashion Revolution Now. Her strong and impressive entrance was chocking for the participants of the Fashion Week. With her fashionable and noticeable protest she was well received by a political party who invited the young sustainable fashion designer and climate pioneer to a meeting.

Her design of the face mask was a clear symbol of the polluting Fashion Industry supported by the statement dress, Fashion Revolution Now, indicating the new era of fashion.

After introducing her strong political opinions to the public, Kim Felecia went to the meeting at The Danish Parliament to discuss the  responsibility of Danish Fashion Industry in the climate debate.

‘I speak on behalf of the new rising generation and awareness supporting the voice of the public and how we want to change our future.’ by Kim Felecia