'When I was a child, my curiosity was insatiable. I studied every scale of the magnificent nature - even the smallest wonders and creatures, which I admirably followed. Once we were all friends with nature. I wish to bring back that important element. Protect our future playground.'
by Kim Felecia


The fashion artist, Kim Felecia, and founder ofThe Slow Fashion Movement Denmark by Kim Felecia is presenting a complete, sustainable universe through her unique statement designs and unique storytelling.

Kim Felecia manifests her work of speculative design thinking, visualising concrete future solutions within fashion by moving towards a more sustainable slow fashion future. 

The brand is founded with the purpose to influence and inspire the world in responsible and sustainable fashion. The founder of the brand strives to create a more considerate fashion industry where future fashion is designed with severe consideration to the environment. In order to establish a slow fashion movement, the brand introduces one collection annually to evoke a higher awareness where quality matters more than quantity.

By Kim Felecia presents a timeless style based on ethical awareness without compromising the high fashion appearance. Each garment is designed responsibly with a profound knowledge of craftsmanship and created consciously from 100% unused leftover textiles or yarns to reduce further waste and carbon footprint.

The Danish fashion designer Kim Felecia wishes to innovate the present fashion industries globally to preserve our planet and future generations.


The Slow Fashion Movement Denmark by Kim Felecia is founded with the purpose to influence and inspire consumers and the fashion industry within responsible, sustainable fashion. The Danish brand aims to push the fashion industry forward, where future garments are designed and produced with severe consideration of the environment. The Danish founder and fashion designer Kim Felecia is a pioneer in creating sustainable fashion as her collections are created from recycled clothing, unused leftover yarns and deadstock textiles. Kim Felecia is one of the few fashion designers in Denmark who has managed to establish a fashion house designing garments without exploiting the environment and climate.

In order to reach the changing, we must first change direction. by Kim Felecia


The Slow Fashion Movement Denmark by Kim Felecia aspires to be among the most prominent sustainable brands in high end sustainable fashion. As the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, The Slow Fashion Movement Denmark by Kim Felecia will prove it is possible to create high end fashion sustainably by exploiting exciting textiles and recycling waste and where pollution is significantly reduced. As such the company will inspire the whole fashion industry to work far more ethical in the future and with more consideration to our Earth and climate.

The future lies in our hands and behind the clothes that we wear. by Kim Felecia