Title | Cosmogony Nomad

Filmed by | Pēteris Viksna

Soundtrack | Kārlis Auziņš

Screenplay | Kim Felecia


BOUTURE is a clothing line consisting of budget made couture garments.

All designs are responsibly created as either zero waste garments made from recycled clothing or leftover fabrics from the deadstock textiles from her brand’s ravishing signature line, the KF EXCLUSIVE.

The founder and designer, Kim Felecia, wishes to give all women the opportunity to be responsible when shopping. Kim Felecia offers sustainable fashion by providing an affordable choice still by maintaining the high end fashion appearance of her unique designs and garments.

‘The future lies in our hands, and behind the clothes that we wear’

Event | nter Secret Garden of Gaia by Kim Felecia

Graphic | Magnus Jungersen

Soundtrack | Elīna Silova

Creative Director | Kim Felecia