nter Secret Garden of Gaia by Kim Felecia

The event, Secret Garden of Gaia, was held Saturday September 5th 2020 in cooperation with the young entrepreneurs nter_Cph and the well established Aarstiderne at the newly installed green location, Banegaarden, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

SGoG was created from the approach of connecting young artists in a coherence with forward-sustainable-thinking. Together the group of a variety of artists visualised a new future through fashion, food-art, music and movements. The event out folded its beauty in the most spectacular scenery, a hidden oasis in the heart of Copenhagen, Banegaarden by Aarstiderne. A location well suited for the front moving founder and fashion designer, Kim Felecia.

‘I was astounded when entering this breathtaking garden. It felt like home between the vivid greens of trees and vegetable gardens. A perfect space for my brand and visions, The Slow Fashion Movement Denmark by Kim Felecia, and my second performed fashion show.’ Kim Felecia.

At the event the young emerging singer and pianist, Elīna Silova, was yet again the voice of the well-created universe of by Kim Felecia. Through miss Silova’s mesmerising voice, drumbeats was leading the nature vibes from the Norwegian drummer Simon Olderskogh. The dancers (Jens Schyth Brøndum and Nora Agnés Massísimo) were dressed in the newest couture creations from by Kim Felecia. Through the magical rhythms the dancers occurred from flower beds and bushes moving passionated to the avantgarde performance. The guests were speechless as the artistic act took its place in the late afternoon at Banegaarden in Copenhagen.

William Milsted was the inspiring chef of the evening who invited the guests through a tasteful travel of green gourmet. The food-art installation by Milsted was created with inspiration of the artist Kim Felecia and her abstract mind of creativity.

The event was further led with concert by the up-and-coming Danish based Portuguese musician Emmy Curl.

Photography credit Klara Løkke