Danish Fashion Designer launching her first collection

The Danish Fashion Designer, Kim Felecia, introduced her first collection at her brand launch during Copenhagen Fashion Week January 2019.

The brand, The Slow Fashion Movement Denmark by Kim Felecia, is founded with the purpose to influence and inspire consumers and the fashion industry within responsible, sustainable fashion. The Danish brand aims to push the fashion industry forward, where future garments are designed and produced with severe consideration of the environment. The Danish founder and fashion designer Kim Felecia is a pioneer in creating sustainable fashion as her collections are created from recycled clothing, unused leftover yarns and deadstock textiles.

Her collection, Cosmogony Nomad, was presented in the heart of Copenhagen. The guests entered a pure white room with a catwalk made out of soil creating the first strong symbol of the brand. The models walked barefooted to the sound of singing whales empowering the whole room with their deep tones. This was an unseen change in the Danish Fashion Industry – a Danish brand with such a serious character and message. The entire room was speechless.

‘The emotion of this moment, revealing my brand, the first collection and my beliefs, was too grand to contain in my body. I was first able to truly understand what I had accomplished several months after the show. With the great support that I received on that day, it occurred to me what high amount of people who are seeking a change in this world. With the ambition to inspire through my brand, I ended up getting inspired myself – from the positive receiving.’ by Kim Felecia