Danish Fashion Designer introduces the world’s most extravagant mask

Danish designer creates symbolic Corona Mask: ”Let’s use the time we have today to think about what kind of future we want for tomorrow”

The fashion industry is the most polluting industry in the world. A young Danish designer wants to change that: Kim Felecia strongly believes that the corona crises, which the whole world is suffering from at the moment, is a unique opportunity to right the way we have been mistreating the environment. The designer delivers her message with the launch of a highly fashionable corona mask – filled with glittering rocks and African wooden pearls. But behind the sparkling looks lies an important message about overconsumption and sustainability.

While the fashion industry falls behind due to the worldwide corona crisis, a Danish designer has chosen to turn the crisis into something positive. The creator behind the new Danish brand, The Slow Fashion Movement Denmark by Kim Felecia, has now launched a ‘corona mask’. High-end fashion brands such as Gucci and Fendi have also designed corona masks but the one of Kim Felecia probably holds the most advanced creation, as it consists of more than 500 pearls and rocks from several parts of the world. Furthermore, this mask is a call to action for both politicians and citizens alike.

It is not the first time Danish designer Kim Felecia is using facemasks as a part of her look and as a political statement. In August last year during Copenhagen Fashion Week in Denmark, she wore a protest-dress she had designed herself – which included a black facemask and a text on the dress that said: Fashion Revolution Now. Kim Felecia’s protest outfit gained lots of attention – just as she intended it to do.

“We are all responsible for the massive overconsumption of our time“

The fashion industry is the most polluting industry in the world. Kim Felecia is very vocal about the extreme overproduction and massive environmental damages that the industry is responsible for. But fashion businesses are not the only ones who have to slow down; in the end we, the consumers, dictate supply and demand.

“It is the choices of todays consumers that set the agenda for tomorrow. Today we have a unique possibility to decide that enough is enough. While living in a worldwide corona lockdown, I believe that more people will become aware about what true value is – which certainly is not overconsumption of goods. I want customers to chose quality over quantity”, Kim Felecia says and continues: “A positive effect of the corona situation is that the whole world had to slow down, which quickly showed positive results on the environment around the world”.

500 pearls with both a symbolic and political meaning behind

It took the designer two weeks to finish her handmade mask, which consists of a combination of 500 artificial and natural pearls and stones, and she has mindfully selected every single item on the mask:

I had a very clear idea of what I wanted with this mask as I was creating it. What story I wanted it to tell: A mask on the mouth symbolizes silence. How we all are aware that the nature around us is disappearing – yet not enough actions are done to prevent it. The facemask has a momentum now because of the corona crises, and I want to use this momentum. I have sewed natural and artificial stones and pearls all over the mask. The natural and the artificial are each others opponents: The natural items symbolize the beautiful, genuine, natural and life creating – our Earth. And in contrast are the artificial parts that stand for global contamination, overproductions and an Earth which is being taken for granted, Kim Felecia explains.

Re-used clothing become high-end fashion

Sustainability and recycling are the corner stones of the brand, and the founder has made it her mission only to use recycled materials and dead-stock textiles in all of her creations. By doing so, Kim Felecia shows the fashion industry that it is possible to design high-end fashion from re-used fabrics and clothing.

The corona mask is of course no exception and is made entirely from re-used pearls and stones found in old jewelries, including amber stones from former Latvian jewelries and tree pearls from antique African necklaces. The tree pearls represent ‘the slow movement’ and tell the story of African tribes who succeed living in harmony with nature.

The creator behind The Slow Fashion Movement Denmark by Kim Felecia hopes the aftermath of the Corona pandemic will be a world that continues in a lower gear; where the environment and nature no longer will suffocate as it did prior to this situation.
With the Corona Mask Kim Felecia is reminding us all to slow down – to take care of the planet and of each other.

Article by Anna Kirstine Kaae